50 to Follow in 2019 | Senior Inspire Senior Photographer Awards | Anjeanette Photography Phoenix

I am over the orange moon to have learned this weekend that I was selected as one of

Senior Inspire’s 50 to Follow in 2019- and only ONE of 10 selected in the guys category!

This weekend we’re featuring our 50 Senior Photographers to Follow in 2019! We’ll be featuring 40 winners in the senior girls category and 10 in the senior boys category.

A little background on the contest... We had more than 1,500 images submitted and choosing just 50 photographers was incredibly difficult!
— SeniorInspire

Thank you so much to Senior Inspire, Davin for being my awesome Class of 2019 senior winner, and everyone who trusts me with their children’s memories. <3

See the rest of Davin’s amazing senior session here!

ONLY TWO DAYS Remain for Spring 2019!!! | Updated FEB 26th

I KNOW its Christmas time- but a bunch of my spring dates filled up for the Class of 2019 this past week- here is what left! Thinking ahead this year so I do not have to turn anyone away again and so that prints or galleries arrive BEFORE graduation. Its gonna speed up on you fast folks- if you choose a date we will schedule you and cross it off just for you :)

Dates only scheduled and held with contract and retainer. First come first served. Some dates have slight restrictions (see asterisks etc)

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